Learn about the problems faced by most small business and expand on-the-counter strategies. When I work with members to counsel with students in my advisory classes, I summarize the 29 points on issues my service providers often need. Use guidelines, tools and reviews available to solve these problems or to make your own plans. Consider connecting your own advisory tool.

Understand the seven phases of the business business that supports customers in ways that cause bad things or make the best investment in the event of any changes.


Organize your own business so that you will have the maximum effect. Please use templates, automation and sales scripts. In the early stages of creating these systems over time, pay close attention to freeing up time and performing more important tasks..

Here Basil Badwan is descrbing How to find good staff

In work you do not want, you are not an expert, removing the time to generate your income. Of the tasks you do not want to perform, where you are not expert, who need time from your income, which allows you to generate income.

Get the way. While your work may and should be meaningful to you, you are not a consultant to evaluate yourself. You are a counselor to serve your customers. Let them know, help them identify the pros and cons of each course of action, then let them make their own decisions. You can not prevent them from making improper decisions or from disregarding an implementation plan. Also, if your client has a large payout, it may be partial due to your advice, but most praise should go to your client to do so. Decide in advance what the meaning of "successful customer relationship" is to you.

SBe honest about your personal development areas. No one is perfect Sometimes we are deferred. They sometimes think of us. Sometimes let's get angry or afraid to be better with us. Sometimes we do not talk better than we can. Discover your weaknesses and learn how to overcome them, or hire them to help them move them.

Choose marketing methods that lead qualified leads to sales conversations Keep a constant record of your marketing. If your marketing does not bring the desired results, change it. Do not choose marketing strategies because your trend is hot if you do not bring potential customers or help build your brand recognition.

Learn to solve problems, make decisions, project management and time management skills. These four skills will provide the backbone of the help you offer to clients and help you run your business successfully.


I have many operating companies since 1996 to expand business and achieve the results they want. I share my strategy with other small business advisors and promote an effective and effective approach to learning process and creating you.

Management and strategy A qualified consultant must thoroughly understand your specific market and provide your company with the best practices in your industry (even from other industries). Geographic market expansion, product portfolio in, improvement, small-scale profitability, acquisition of other small-scale companies, improvement improvement marker improvement improvement marker. . . He is famous for helping clients implement and implement the development of the Risa strategy.


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